Juventus-Inter, final of the Italian Cup in Rome

Dybala attacks his possible future, Lautaro tries again after 11 goals in the last 11 games

The frame is golden: sold out at the Olympics and a record collection of more than 5 million euros. We hope the image is up to par. The premises are there, because the rivalry between Juve and Inter is strong and because, if on other occasions, the Italian Cup has had a decline in charm, this time it is Sandy in the final of “Grease “who nods at Danny. gira. Zuko. Yesterday Max Allegri explained the concept well: “It’s the cake, not the icing.” Simone Inzaghi doesn’t want it any less. Both coaches know that the trophy will significantly affect the season count.

Simone’s encore

At yesterday’s conference, they both got their hands on it. They were quick to define their vintage as positive and constructive, regardless of the final. Inzaghi has good reasons to support him. With the happy addition of Calhanoglu he improved the quality of the game. It can give Inter an Italian Cup (the 8th) that has been missing for 11 years, just like the Super Cup. Regardless of the championship still in play, two trophies in the season of the announced reduction, after the departures of Conte, Lukaku and Hakimi, would not be a negative balance, also because Simone gave the team a strong identity, on which build future, with the right reinforcements, from the average. Of course, if the escudetto he had in his pocket is now in Pioli’s pocket, mistakes have been made. But wondering if Conte would have defended the advantage makes sense as wondering if he would have gotten that advantage with a less dominant game.

The opportunity of Max

Allegri’s defense is more acrobatic, as he already knows that he can’t match the trophies of the debutant Pirlo (Coppa Italia, Supercoppa) and not even the increase in points: 78. Max, now 69 years old, can no longer to arrive. Even more significant are the 15 goals scored less than their predecessor, which clearly illustrate the problems of the last Juve match. This also explains the difficulties of Vlahovic and Kulusevski, who flourished in London. A notable offensive deficit, minimally offset by the defensive phase: Pirlo had conceded only 2 more goals. That this Juve, with so little certainty in the game, is ready to win next year, as Allegri said yesterday, is all to prove. With the necessary transfer market and the returns (from the Church down), it is destined to return to work, without the help of the acquaintances who have made a very human Milan great. The feeling is that Juve had more logic and future than Pirlo who, after doing his homework of inexperience, closed the season with a modern and recognizable football. Had they been confident in their growth, with Locatelli gone and a Vlahovic more tied to the CR7 maneuver, Pirlo would have done good things. In any case, Allegri needs an Italian Cup to hide the cracks of a season suffered, below the potential of the squad, and not close the first season of Juventus with zero titles since 2012. The trophy would allow him to untie Eriksson . and Mancini and stand alone with 5 Italian Cups won. Should Inzaghi win, Inter would line up three official victories against Juve (after the Super Cup and the return leg of the league), as they never did at the time of the Group of Nations (1929-30). Allegri does not seem to want to re-propose Juve to all the stars he presented on April 3 at the Stadium: Cuadrado, Dybala and Morata in support of Vlahovic (4-2-3-1). The Bianconeri were defeated by a penalty from Calha, but they dominated and played one of the most beautiful and brave matches. Max should have gone back to a more cautious 4-4-2 lineup, with Bernardeschi on the tactical side and Morata on the bench.

Argentine tango

Inzaghi seems to have recovered Sticks and prefers Dumfries to Darmian. His job on the eve was more psychological than tactical: to turn off black thoughts after AC Milan’s dazzling victory in Verona and concentrate on the final, without letting them fly to Cagliari where there will be a fight. against a team armed with the force of despair. As always, much will depend on the ability of Brozovic and Calhanoglu to break free from the grip of the pressers (Zakaria, Rabiot) and spin the Nerazzurri carousel. In the first leg of the league and in the Super Cup, they did it: Inter played more and better. On the way back to the stadium much less. Dybala, 11 goals from 23 Italian Cup matches, more than any other Juventus player since the beginning of the last decade, is attacking his possible future. Lautaro: 11 goals in the last 11 games. The tango is in the air. Of the last 23 Nerazzurri goals in an Italian Cup final, 9 were Argentine: Crespo (3), Cruz (3), Milito (2), Cambiasso. Not to mention the proud Vlahovic, who seeks revenge, and Dzeko, who finds his old castle. Give us a beautiful painting in a golden frame.

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