Is Johnny Depp telling the truth? Body language expert weighs (EXCLUSIVE)


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably come across countless headlines and media coverage about the ongoing defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The legal battle is getting more and more intense as the weeks go by, with each side claiming to have suffered verbal and physical abuse at the hands of the other.

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For the first few weeks, viewers listened to Johnny’s version of the story, with the same actor testifying in detail for four consecutive days about his mother’s abuse and substance abuse problems.

Then a lot of people got on the #JusticeforJohnnyDepp train; however, others struggled to believe it. So is Johnny telling the truth or is he lying? Distractify asked Dr. Lillian Glass, an internationally renowned body language expert, to speak.

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As for Johnny’s body language during the trial, Dr. Glass finds him “open” and in a rather “attractive” tone. As he explained to Distractify, Johnny is “articulate and pulls out his joint and [his] the pace is appealing. ”

In addition, Dr. Glass said “it’s so controlled and balanced in its delivery and it seems credible.”

While many of the revelations must be difficult for Johnny to deal with in court, Dr. Glass noted that he “openly describes his experiences with Amber and hides nothing,” while admitting his “embarrassing flaws and problems.” .

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In response to critics who believe that Johnny is simply a good actor and is misleading the general public, Dr. Glass told Distractify that he was “hypnotizing” at the booth, arguing that “no actor can be so consistent in his way of acting throughout those days unless there was truth in what they were saying.”

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As for Johnny’s description of his traumatic childhood, especially around his abusive mother, Dr. Glass told Distractify that he clarifies a lot of speculation within the jury and the general public. More specifically, it helps them “better understand the dynamics of their relationship and why they were attracted to a woman as toxic as Amber.”

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The abuse Johnny suffered from his mother is strangely similar to the harmful way Amber treated him; Then Dr. Glass explained that it was so hard for Johnny to “stop [Amber]Essentially, he repeated this destructive relationship by marrying a woman with behavioral problems similar to those of his mother.

Now, let’s talk about the cases where Johnny “hits the cupboards and hits the walls.” Speaking to Distractify, Dr. Glass explained that this behavior is identical to how his father behaved when he was angry with Johnny’s mother.

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Johnny stated that his father never hit his wife when they were together; he has launched his aggression at inanimate objects; does it sound familiar? In general, Dr. Glass explained that Johnny “modeled” his father’s behavior in his relationship with Amber, and ultimately played an important role in how he found himself in this situation.

An Amber spokesman told Distractify: “If Mr Depp was really innocent, why did he repeatedly apologize to Mrs Heard and promise to leave the ‘monster forever’? Mrs. Heard is Mr. Heard Depp’s inability to distinguish reality from fiction, a disease that seems to have spread to his legal team.

“This same team is so panicked that they fight with their fingernails and teeth to avoid the introduction of convincing evidence and photos. It’s no wonder Mr. Depp doesn’t have the strength or courage to even look at Mrs. Heard. During the proceedings, he failed to stand trial in the United Kingdom, and instead scribbled and laughed. . “Apparently, they feel they have to double their strategy in two, obviously losing parts: distract the jury and demonize the victim.”


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