ICS Milan and Nexus Sport Academy: creativity and sport

Sport, creativity, language, music and entertainment: leisure activities are an important element for the growth of every child. Deepening their passions, discovering new perspectives and participating in playful activities allows children to increase their skills and confidence while having fun.

It is precisely for this reason that ICS Milan International School and its sports partner Nexus Sport Academy offer a wide and varied program of extracurricular activities, dedicated to all students in the school and to external children.

On Friday, May 6, 2022, in the auditorium of the ICS Symbiosis (Viale Ortles, 46, Milan), ICS Milan and Nexus Sport Academy presented the new catalog of courses “After School”, for the course 2022/23. To present the sports program, a guest of excellence: the Olympic champion Massimiliano Rosolino, who, at the end of the presentation, took swimming lessons following the boys in the pool.

The new ICS courses include numerous leisure activities (dance, theater, drawing, choir, music, math, STEAM, circus, etc.) and courses for the formation of real school teams (basketball team, swimming team and theater company). At the same time, Nexus Sport Academy offers numerous sports courses, which include water sports, athletics, team games and martial arts.

After the presentation of the courses, parents and students met with the ICS and Nexus teams, and with host Massimiliano Rosolino, who shared his life experience as an athlete. In particular, he focused on the values ​​that sport conveys and the life lessons learned through practice and competition. Sports activity allows children to learn how to manage stress and available time, focus on goals, and accept defeat.

The goal, in fact, is not to pursue success – Rosolino stressed – but to challenge one’s own limits and find the perseverance to always move forward.

After the presentation, students participated in a lesson prepared and followed by the Olympic champion, in the semi-Olympic pool of the ICS Symbiosis.

“At ICS I saw a rare reality: a school that includes sport in its curricular and extracurricular trajectory.” said Massimiliano Rosolino, “ICS and Nexus prove that sport is one more subject, a winning material that always deserves ten.”

ICS International School of Milan

ICS Milan International School is the first school for children and adolescents aged 1 to 18 to offer an international curriculum and teaching method based on experiential learning and the STEAM agenda (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

An innovative school, at the service of a large community of students of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, which is committed to values ​​such as friendship, dialogue and inclusion.

Present throughout Milan and its province with four offices, ICS Milan International School has been part of Globeducate since 2017, an international network with more than 55 schools and more than 25,000 students worldwide.


Nexus Sport Academy was born in 2018 to offer young and old a wide range of dedicated courses, with ad hoc spaces that include swimming pools, gyms and outdoor spaces.

At its core, the firm belief that sport teaches fundamental values ​​such as friendship, solidarity, harmonious development of the body, self-confidence and trust in others.

The Nexus team strives every day to ensure that athletes of all ages can achieve these valuable goals, inspiring the younger generation to live a moving life and be perfectly comfortable in both water and land.

The association

ICS Milan and Nexus work together to provide sports, health and training activities for students at the school. In addition to the curricular courses in the pool, they offer a wide range of extracurricular, sports and non-sporting experiences, to allow children and teenagers to have fun, deepen their skills and grow in harmony.



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