“Future, life, relationship”, in three words the challenge of nurses after 202 years of commitment

CAMPOBASSO. May 12, 1820, the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing science, is a day of celebration for nurses internationally.

To remember this important date is the secretariat of the OPI, Mariacristina Magnocavallo.

After two years of pandemic, this is a day in which the nursing profession speaks for itself and does so by addressing the public as privileged interlocutors and users of health services and services provided with great ethical value and ethical, as well as clinical, for professionals who do their own work with high levels of skills, in line with new emerging health needs.

Mission 6 of the Recovery Plan raises the role of professionals who will have to respond to the stratified needs of a specific territory and its population through new care models in the territory: community hospitals, health homes, TOC: “Undisputed protagonist territory”. The family and community nurse will be the driving force behind the shift towards close care with the government of the entire “care chain”. A changing system requires a new model and innovative tools that turn the page from a traditional / conventional management of health needs to telemedicine, telecare, the latter will be the key to a digitization of the health offer and benefits social and welfare.

Since May last year, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of the nightingale, the National Federation has promoted a traveling Congress that saw all regions as protagonists with the presentation of solidarity projects in the area: “Everywhere for the good for everyone “

On March 25, the Congress made a stop in Molise to award three de facto projects present in our region. The National Federation has recognized, thanks to its technical-scientific committee, the two realities Udi (hospitalization units under nursing management), now structured and consolidated in Larino and Venafro, as “best nursing practices” support in the territory; The third prize was awarded to a project resulting from a memorandum of understanding between Opi Molise and the Global Institute of Casacalenda which included the inclusion of nursing in the school community where the program was aimed at: promoting the concept health. and security, the identification of real or potential problems of the individual and the community.

It is necessary to change course and find “investment keys” that allow professionals to consolidate the training trajectory of three years with the acquisition of specific recognizable and competitive skills: general nurse versus specialist nurse, where the former has the basic skills from which the latter. depth and expansion levels. This conceptual evolution will allow to face simple and complex challenges, some already described in the PNR.

This year, on the occasion of this day, Fnopi has promoted and distributed posters with three key words: future, life, relationship.

The aim is to clearly state the absolute need to increase this professional figure at the national level and in each region. For our reality there can be no challenge of the territory if there is not enough nurses, we can not talk about proximity if there are no family and community nurses, we will not reach the transformation of residential care services and home care if you are studying at university. they will not train young professionals …

From what has been said, nothing is simple and obvious, but “there is nothing more difficult to manage, with an uncertain outcome and as dangerous to realize as the beginning of a change.”

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