from the season just ended to major future projects

President Stirpe has met with the press to take stock of the situation of the championship that has just ended and the near future that awaits him at the Canary Islands club.

The harvest has just ended – “We had the conditions to stay in the top eight. For a number of reasons, mainly due to the unpredictability of many injuries in a given period. .The judgment of what I do makes the good part prevail over the bad.Our goal was and has been that of a peaceful salvation and possibly with some progress and we have achieved it. The wind would not have been a scandal if we had entered the top eight. Congratulations to the others who, if they are there, have deserved more than us to stay. the fans. “

The project – “The club started with a big renovation project that was based on rejuvenating and valuing young people, it has taken a big step forward in terms of sustainability and we are much more relaxed than at the beginning of the season. 100% all the problems we had at the economic-financial level and from next season will be an issue filed Sunday morning, if I tell you the truth, I had already had the defeat against Pisa. I’m already thinking about the future. next season I will not campaign for season tickets because Covid, for me, is far from being eradicated. This does not mean that we keep this year’s concessions for next year as well. at least for me, they’re sure to stay in Frosinone. “

The growth of the Frosinone brand – “There is a lot of interest abroad for the Frosinone brand. We should not be surprised that the Frosinone brand may be of interest to financial investors. Frosinone is the club that plays in the minor leagues that has the most interest from because you have a project, so don’t be surprised if there are investors who can help you strengthen Frosinone in some ways. “It’s a reality today. It’s a benchmark. Don’t be surprised if in the future someone may be totally or partially interested in Frosinone.”

Infrastructures and youth sector – “Sports infrastructure projects are progressing. I hope to be able to operate in Ferentino soon and finish at the end of the next sports season. Our family is growing and needs space. We hope that in October we will have the opening of the food and you have seen that the Province and the Municipality have solved the problem via the guest sector.

For the youth sector I have to thank Frara and Gorgone for the work that has been done and is being done and that gives us hope for the future. In terms of rationality, we can say that it was a great season for Frosinone and the goals achieved represent a great starting point for the future. We must never forget that all this is happening at a time of great suffering for the country and for the territory.

No one in Italy is investing in infrastructure or the youth sector, so much is said and little is said. Frosinone is one of the few clubs that is trying to change the paradigm of how professional football is done.

One of the reasons why Italian football suffers depends precisely on the fact that it is a provincial football that still lives football 50 years ago: the tycoon who has the money, puts it until it gets bored and then the desert. Football has to go in another direction. I want to thank all the collaborators we have in the Frosinone family, from the first to the last. “

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