Eurovision girls rescued: the pop Amazon, the mermaid shouting the motto of the Ukrainian resistance and the ice sisters

Sensual, daring, original: Eurovision girls make themselves heard on stage. Not just with their beautiful voices. They don’t lose a beat and don’t mind showing off their bodies and thoughts. They sing with determination and even more ardently say what they think. In short, no filter, despite criticism and attacks. As in the case of Ronela Ajati, the Albanian singer who opened the first semifinal (and unfortunately did not go round). A shiny silver dress, a kind of pink cloak, a super high ponytail and a fair cheek. With her a group of shirtless dancers, with whom she creates sexy paintings on the notes of Secret, a song that mixes English, Spanish and Albanian. Ronela Ajati winks, plays and simulates hugs on stage, so much so that Eurovision had “censored” from official channels the “misleading” poses during the choreography. Seeing this Amazon pop go crazy, no matter who runs it for its curves, is a pleasure. And although the competition did not go well for him, his motto – which he has often reiterated – comes out strong and clear from the stage: “Never cover yourself, don’t be ashamed of your body”.

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Luca Dondoni

The positivity and freedom of the body are also the letters of triumph of Monika Liu, the Lithuanian mermaid with a fringe. To sing I heard vshe wears a long, shiny black dress that leaves her shoulders bare. It releases sensuality, elegance, delicacy. But don’t be fooled, Monika off stage doesn’t stop to take a stand. During the press conference at the end of prime time he shouted the motto of the Ukrainian resistance. “We have to help this country, it needs us,” he says, explaining that he chose to sing in Lithuanian “even though many people still believe, thirty years after independence, that our official language is Russian.”

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Alone or united in bands, the queens of music do not go unnoticed. The Dane Reddi invites with his The show dare: “We want to show the world that women can do it all on their own. We wondered why there were so few female bands in Denmark, we showed that it can be done easily. Icelanders Systur, flying to the grand final, captivate with vocals and guitars. Watching Sigga, Beta and Elín sing Meo haekkandi sol you are mesmerized, not just by technique. They are the most refined and the vocal harmony they create is of the highest standard.

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Then there are the girls from Armenia and Greece, both promoted. Rosa Linn chooses to improve her Snap with an exciting choreography made of white sheets to tear. Tenfjord’s Amanda Georgia, on the other hand, looks like a fairy, all dressed in white. Ethereal and delicate, she moves between a series of overturned chairs, acting Die together in a magical way. A white lady of infinite sweetness. Also splendid S10 with De dieptea pop ballad sung in Dutch, with a chorus that immediately hits the head.

Despite the exclusion, the Croatian Mia Dimsic, accompanied by the guitar by, also deserves a mention Guilty pleasure, very catchy pop song. Whether they reached the grand final or not, they are the symbolic winners of Eurovision’s prime time: they were all decidedly more incisive and captivating than their peers.

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