“Dream on Green”, concluded the sports and school project of MSP Rome

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 – 6:24 p.m.

“Dream on Green”, concluded the sports and school project of MSP Rome

More than a thousand students took part

Rome, May 11 (askanews) – Sport and school together again. Two complementary worlds that have led to an important project in favor of students. “Dream on Green-From the Hole to Exclusion” is the project carried out by the Liceo Artistico Ripetta together with the MSP Roma, a sports promotion organization recognized by Coni, which aimed to promote among young people, strongly affected by the pandemic. , development of correct social relationships and improvement of physical and mental condition through the practice of outdoor sports.

The 1,108 high school students – read a note – spent twelve days, from April 5 to May 11, at the sports facilities “La Mirage Sporting Club” and “Tevere Golf”, in the free practice of golf, 5-a-side football, beach volleyball and paddle tennis followed by professional instructors, communication assistants and autonomy for children with Bes (special educational needs).

“Dream on Green” is part of the Social Sport MSP Italia initiative of the Sports Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, is sponsored by the Department of Sports, Tourism and Major Events of the Municipality of Rome and sponsored by Decathlon. A project that was made possible thanks to the commitment of high school teachers, who in recent months coordinated high school classes so that everyone could get involved in this sporting activity. The boys, from first to fifth, responded enthusiastically to the project, both discovering new sports and practicing the already known ones.

“Dream on Green” shows how the relationship between school and sport needs to be consolidated and strengthened more and more, because a message of relaunching and sharing the values ​​linked to sport, such as health, well-being, integration, education and aggregation, can start from school.

“After two years of the pandemic, it was essential to reactivate educational alliances, not only between school and family, but also with other agencies in the territory, such as associations and organizations, which, directly or indirectly, can make their contribution. development is an integral part of the person “, in the words of the director Anna De Santis,” Sport, in fact, as recognized by the Council of Europe and pedagogical research, is an important tool to promote the inclusion of all students, especially for boys with Bes, fostering correct social relationships focused on respect for oneself and others ”.

“Dream on Green is the culmination of a dream conceived together with the Liceo Artistico Ripetta – words of the vice president of MSP Rome, Luigi Ciaralli -. Returning to work with the school world was very important for MSP Roma because after the pandemic that affected our young people, we wanted to give a signal of hope, to relaunch the world of sport through the values ​​of inclusion and sociality. Seeing over 1000 students in the camps has been a source of pride for the purpose we had set ourselves for over a year. I would like to thank the director Anna De Santis, at the Liceo Artistico Ripetta for the people of Francesca Civale, Mirella Onorato, Diego Pirozzolo, Massimiliano Ferragina, Davide Stasino and Sonia Mungiello who have worked extensively on this project, the sports facilities that have granted the ‘use of their structures and Decathlon who believed in this initiative.’

“We are honored to be part of this project – in the words of Cristina and Silvia Liberatore, managers of Circoli Tevere Golf and La Mirage – because we believe that inclusion is an essential value of our society. It is a very stimulating and ambitious project, with the aim of encouraging physical activity and all the values ​​that only sport can give ”. “We are proud to respond to our mission: to make the sport possible, to facilitate its dissemination and to support the promoters – commented Davide La Mattina (Head of the Decathlon Bufalotta store) and Gloria Meraglia (Referent of the Decathlon Bufalotta Club) – . Decathlon athletes firmly believe that sport makes you stronger and pushes us to take care of each other. That is why we promote it through fruitful collaborations in the area ”.

“With the Social Sport project we have promoted many initiatives throughout Italy in favor of young people, the elderly and the frail. A huge success, which I share with all the Committees that have put their heart and passion into this national project “, concluded Alessandra Caligaris, national secretary of MSP Italy.


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