BioInItaly makes a stop in Trento: the former wins

Remove a tattoo by simply applying a patch. This allows you to make the technology of Formerlythe new idea of ​​an innovative company in the field of biotechnology that won the thirtieth stage of BioInItaly Roadshoworganized with the support of Trentino Innovation Hub Foundation.

It will now move on to the second phase of the competition and theInvestor arena meeting scheduled for November 29 in Milan, where financial and corporate investors from around the world will be presented with Italy’s best ideas in the field of biotechnology and circular bioeconomy.

Yore wins the 30th stage of the BioInItaly Investment Forum Roadshow and Intesa Sanpaolo Startup Initiative, a benchmark event for innovation in biotechnology and life sciences in Italyorganized by the National Spring Cluster of Green Chemistry, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Assobiotec-Federchimica and in collaboration with the Trentino Innovation Hub Foundation.

In Italy 12.8% of the population is tattooed. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, almost 2 out of 10 people regret having done so. Yore technology represents a new frontier in this industry, because it can drastically reduce complications and unwanted effects such as hypopigmentation, typical of techniques such as laser.

Elisa Moretti presented the project of the Yore entrepreneurial team to the public at the Roadshow held in Trento and organized by the Trentino Innovation Hub Foundation at the Contamination Lab:

I’m sure each of you knows at least one person with a tattoo that you no longer want. There are 7 million tattooed people in Italy alone, and more than 1 million of them want to get a tattoo. But how many actually did it? Only 4%. This is because current techniques are painful, time consuming, and often ineffective. Our solution is a biotech patch that can completely remove tattoos quickly, painlessly and without scarring.

The patch we are developing is a micro-needle patch that, applied to the surface to be treated, releases an active ingredient capable of completely degrading the ink, bringing the skin back to its original state. We are currently setting up the startup and have initiated a third party contract with the Department of the University of Trento CIBIO. We will file the first patent application at the end of the year. Later, in 2024, we want to obtain cosmetic certification“.

Yore technology avoids two workarounds: «to cover existing tattoos with other darker tattoosexplains Elisa Morettior use laser removal, which is painful and healing.

This business idea was born from the collaboration of 4 talents who were trained and are being trained at the University of Trento: Elisa Morettibiotechnology student e Niccolò CarlinoPhD student in Computational Biology in the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrated Biology of the CIBIO, Andrea dalle GraveMaster in Management e Niccolò Zecchinelli, master’s degree in Innovation Management. The team is currently attending the startup support program proposed by HIT Foundation and Trentino Sviluppo: Trentino Startup Valley and has previously attended the program Boot laboratoryproposed by HIT and University of Trento increase the entrepreneurial skills of students who want to devise an innovative business idea to develop.

A path of formation and growth in small steps that of Yore, which now accesses the second phase of the competition of BioInItaly, participating in the training and selection process of Intesa Sanpaolo StartUp Initiative, organized by the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. At the end of this path, the best proposals will access the Milan Investment Forum where they will have the opportunity to present their project and business plan to Business Angels, Venture Capital and Corporate VCs and other stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem.

Trentino Innovation Hub (HIT), foundation dedicated to the transfer of scientific knowledge and technologies developed by the University of Trento and the provincial research centers, for the thirtieth stage of BioInItaly has selected the most promising startups active in the fields of circular bioeconomy and life sciences , or the circular economy, biotechnology for human health and the development of medical devices.

In addition to beforeAmong the new high-tech entrepreneurial projects presented at the event: Onebra, Meeva, Airspax, Exovo. Innovative business ideas born within the research centers of the Province, in particular by the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrated Biology of the CIBIO of the University of Trento.

The regional event, held at the headquarters of Trento Pollution Laboratoryled the startups to present themselves to a panel of experts who evaluated and selected them.

The organization for the fourth consecutive year of the BioInItaly roadshow stage in Trento bears witness to the growth of the local ecosystem in an innovative sector that is increasingly strategic for Trento’s economy. The number and level, not only scientific, of the projects presented as evidence of the work that HIT is doing in the area – also through the program of support of entrepreneurial initiatives of high technological content Trentino Startup Valley – in collaboration with all institutional partners. , the strategic partners of the sector, and the research systemstated Marco Senigalliesiresponsible for the HIT startup area.

The Trentino stage of the BioInItaly Roadshow was attended, in addition to Marco Senigalliesi himself, Mario Bonaccorso of Assobiotec-Federchimica, director of the Technological Cluster of Circular Bieconomics – PRIMAVERA ed Emiliano BiasiniProfessor of the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrated Biology – CIBIO UniTrento.



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