At Milan Beauty Week, with Eva Riccobono

S.uncertainty, efficiency, transparency: these are the expectations of women towards cosmetics, after this pandemic? We’ve talked about it halfway through Milan Beauty Week in the talk “The importance of the Italian beauty production sector in the European landscape“Promoted by the Italian company Rougj. Guests, the top and actress Eva Riccobono, influence it Beatrice Vallithe president of Cosmetica Italia Renato Ancorotti and the director of F. Luca Dini.

Milan Beauty Week: Eva Riccobono, guest of the talk with Rougj

Milan Beauty Week, the talk with Eva Riccobono and Rougj

I demand sincerity and authenticity from cosmetics, as I expect from a friend. It’s basically something that I let you into my life in fact more, on my skin. Let’s remember that the epidermis is an organ, it has the same importance as the heart, the lungs, and it has to be treated with extreme care, ”he says. Eva Riccobono, 39 years old, actress, supermodeltwice mother.

Of psychocultural importance, as well as social and economic, cosmetics the first edition of Milan Beauty Weekinitiative of Cosmetics Italy with Cosmoprof and Esxence.

Among the collaborating companies, Rougjan Italian company close to celebrating i 35 years at the pharmacy, he opened a roundtable to analyze the present, but also the more or less hidden desires of women behind this complex and fascinating sector.

Eva Riccobono: “Cosmetics are not transformed”

Beauty is a concept closely related to society and its smallest changes. “I don’t like products that talk about amazing transformations. Skin that changes, transforms … No. Why do we need to change? We can improve, accept ourselves, but we don’t bother. ‘

“We live in a present that is trying breaking aesthetic standards, clichés. I think authenticity, transparency and most of all realism are the directions of the cosmetic sectorHe told Eva.

Eva Riccobono and Luca Dini, talk show host, editor-in-chief of the magazine partner of the RCS-Cairo Media group of Milan Beauty Week.

A great cosmetic focus, why?

Agree Renato Ancorotti, President of Cosmetica Italia: “We wake up and go to bed with beauty products, we just think about cleaning ourselves, just brushing our teeth. It deserves a reality so connected to people’s lives attention and improvement. Fortunately, Beauty Made in Italy in the world it already means high guarantee reliability, quality and safety. We should communicate that even better. “

Eva Riccobono at Milan Beauty Week, guest of the talk with Rougj

Eva Riccobono: “Beauty is sincerity with oneself”

Actress, mother of Leo and Livia – “I’m still breastfeeding” – Eva has a relationship demanding and relaxed at the same time with cosmetics: “It’s not a magic wand. The real beauty is knowing how to accept the passage of time. I find that I know how to age well, and even before I like it, it is a sign of how sincere you have been to yourself“.

She says that she has not always liked it: “I grew up in Sicily, among brunette, Mediterranean and curvy girls. I was cold, blonde, I didn’t like it to any of my colleagues. I’ve spent half my life casting hundreds of women I saw much more beautiful than me. Now, if you look at my photos from then on, I think how beautiful she was without even knowing it! “

Here you are: “Beauty is a personal challenge. I am not he never took a puncture, a stuffing in my life. In the 40 years, I realized that there was no need to prove anything to anyone. Don’t overdo it, don’t even take yourself too seriously, let alone make beauty a failure or, on the contrary, a lack ”.

Bello is a thought: “Today I think these wrinkles on my forehead are precious because… my son likes it! It is emotions and points of view that make beauty move, in fact, sometimes they just create it“.

Rougj, cosmetics for “real women”

“I’m not hiding” (for anti-cellulite treatments), “I love exposing myself” (per plot), “I love my age” (for facial skin care): splendid “Real Women” lend faces, unknown, unfiltered nor post-productions, alas Rougj commercial. A choice that is a manifesto, but also a perspective: to offer concrete answers to demanding consumers in everyday life.

Antonio Pirillo, CEO of Rougjsays: “Rougj was born more than thirty years ago in Trieste from the experience of a pharmacist, Dr. Cavedon, and their artisanal preparations. Today we are a prominent reality in Italy, beloved in France, soon in the United Arab Emirates, where we have just signed the distribution permit. Our strength remains this relationship of trust and quality of the beginnings“.

And he adds: “For the first time in Italy, the pharmacy channel has surpassed perfumery. We look for professionalism, clarity, guarantees, narrative skills and in-depth analysis when buying a cosmetic. With our lines and ingredients, from probiotics to make-up treatments, giving answers is our commitment ”.

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“I hope he girls of my daughter’s generation they will be truly free to feel beautiful, even more so than us, with very valid cosmetic tools. For each of your dreamsbefore its aesthetics ”, concluded Eva.


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