Alpine troops should also join forces to denounce the harassment

The Alpine Association describes the episodes of sexual harassment as “rude”. Put it in your head: kissing a woman against her will is sexual violence.

The harassment of Rimini

After days of silence by the leaders of the Alpine National Association, President Favaro finally gave birth to the mouse, unfortunately a mouse that can be classified in the great book of “when the patch is worse than the hole.”

A small press release, although he would not have had to pay as he does with the telegrams, to classify the events suffered as “episodes of rudeness”, proving once again, in this way, that he did not understand the difference between a crime. and something that is not.

Let me be clear: I am very sorry to write this, I am not writing it with joy but with pain. I do not detect it for pleasure, but in search of justice.

It is enough to minimize violent male culture: the first complaints about the alpine gathering in Rimini

Well, if after days of harassment, witnessed by dozens of girls, counted by hundreds of women, the National Alpine Association does not understand that putting your hands under the skirts of a minor girl (but she could be eighty years old) is not a simple rudeness but a crime, it is for those who deny the problem. In addition, he is morally co-responsible, because he helps to give a substantial amount of impunity to these acts. If leaders are silent, downplayed, or shrugged, it’s hard to expect a different attitude from the herd.

The National Alpine Association puts it in its head: touching your ass, stretching, turning your neck to kiss someone or someone against their will, is called sexual violence.
The rudeness is that if you don’t say “thank you” to the collector who gives you the change, touching a woman’s private parts is sexual violence.
Like, after all, even making her sound like a “pretty bitch” when she passes out is called violence. I didn’t invent it and it doesn’t have another name.

Another disturbing aspect of this whole affair lies, in my opinion, also in this fact: in recent days the Alps National Association had leaked that “there are no reports of girls being harassed in the police force”, and with that during two days had been thought. resolved. It did not happen, and the testimonies spread with the video about the harassment I did with forced them to change the story of this story. So now the official line of the National Alpine Association is this: “Probably those involved were infiltrators and not real Alpini, that is, they were boys who had bought fake alpine hats at the stops and then mixed with the crowd. “.

And that’s why I ask aloud President Favaro of the Alpine National Association: “Have you gone to the police and reported the infiltration of strangers inside you?”
Because questioning the testimonies of raped girls is sinister, especially in a climate where, in addition to harassing them, they are also accused of inventing everything at once. But it even becomes surreal – as is actually happening – the fact that some of the girls involved are also reported to the police, but at the same time the National Alpine Association speaks of “infiltrators camouflaged with tarot hats among the alpine “. however, he only talks about it on television and does not go to the police.

And then: President Favaro, have you filed a complaint against strangers?

I answer: no, she doesn’t. But she would like to subtract the six-month period that the law allows women and girls victims of harassment to report.

Frankly it seems a little too much to me.

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