Alpine troops and “noantri eyes”

Alpine on the seafront in Rimini on the occasion of the 93rd national meeting, May 8, 2022

Dear Director, Tuesday, May 10 at 7.20 pm, one of the news from Rai (I don’t receive Mediaset from the antenna, conspiracy!) Jumps from the war to the alpine case of Rimini without even a link worthy of Mentana, first a sign of the journalist’s concern. Who is in a spasmodic hurry to question, rather to investigate, to process a priori the reference of the Ana (National Alpine Association) on the events that occurred at the last meeting.

The journalist begins: “You made a very bad impression on Rimini.” He calls them “facts”, but with good reason “not” seen: it evokes a Fanpage service, built as needed to set up a case. He is already fervent, the debate is set in motion between a hotel employee and the said president. The first charge of violence was a dozen drunks, guilty of singing “come and take a shower with us.” In the Fanpage service there are also the interventions of two minors (“huu! Fanpage! Did I stain my make-up? Am I okay?”) Who claim to have answered “your brush, it could be your daughter” (as if in the In today’s world this age difference in pairs represented a rarity) to an old alpine man who offered them a hug.

The referring Ana, on the other hand, does not justify herself but does not apologize, she correctly shows the immediate will to “hunt” who should have been found responsible for these facts. “So you deny the facts? Look, I saw the video, I harangued the journalist, who will then close the story with less arrogant tones in the face of the president’s polite elegance that maintains the dialogue at a reasonable level.

I won’t go into other details that we will all be able to reconstruct, but I do ask myself a few questions.

What do two beautiful minors (it is not known because the face is hypocritically glossed) do with a medium beer (will it be the first?) In the hand in the middle of a concentration of alpine troops? Sure you can, but even going to the lair of the lions dressed as Nerazzurri is not forbidden.

What do hordes of fifteen-year-olds, men and women, do in the floats of the Alpine troops, greeting the camera with gestures typical of today’s rappers?

What could the alpine troops have done that those beautiful 18-20 year olds (those who do) who really do great things with the girls in the video could not have done?

But above all: where did this pioneer of Italian wokism grow up? Looks like he came out of an American university.

In a few minutes, the coastal receptionist talks about shouting, harassment, masculinity, patriarchy (Italians who consider women an object to be treated as they want), even racial violence. Still little and would have rewarded us with a “uterus is mine and therefore black lives matter.”

I was an alpine, I mean. I don’t speak from obsessive postures, but from experience. I can assure the lady that if among the alpine troops one drinks too much and annoys a “civilian” (assuming his comrades allow it) he is grabbed by the collar, “fucked” and punished in the barracks first by his comrades-in-arms who they are in danger of extinction and possibly by superiors. , if known.

In the nineties, Belluno had about ten barracks, the center was full of Alpini, uniformed and civilian. Nothing ever happened. For many black men looking for love stories, like many girls looking for alpine troops.

This only means that the Alpini festival belongs to the Alpini. And it has always been and will be a party. The difference this year is that, for the first time, probably in Italy, we wanted to blame an identity event, traditional, historical, unifying all our regions as only mega concerts can do today.

I’m terrified at least. This counterculture does not belong to us, we are already quite divided in the war, vaccines, green passes, football, etc., we do not need “uòcche” or “chensel stitches”.

See you next time *

Roberto Zandomeneghi

Photo Ansa

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