Alpine in Rimini and the harassment, what happened

S.there aren’t many young women who didn’t like the Alpini meeting, which took place last weekend. That’s it they really didn’t find anything goliártic there in the whistles, screams, obscene proposals, and harassment that some of the Black Feathers would have made them.

Sexual harassment, the commercial to say enough once and for all:

Alpini in Rimini: alleged harassment

This is what the afterlife says 150 reports collected by “Non una di less” at the national event in Rimini and San Marino. Depending on the movement, employed waiters would be the main focus to allow the bars and restaurants of the Riviera de la Romagna to be well organized to accommodate a much larger flow of people than usual.

Rimini alpine

The parade of the Alpini on the promenade of Rimini on the occasion of the 93rd national meeting

Ana: “No complaints.” But there is one

It is clear that the incidents must be ascertained by the competent bodies, also because the parties disagree on what happened. Immediately, in fact, the ANA, the National Alpine Association, responded to the feminist association that, despite “moving away from the reported uncivil behavior, no complaint was lodged with the police“.

But now there is a complaint. It was presented by a 26-year-old girl who showed up at the barracks, accompanied by her lawyer, to say that she was harassed during Saturday’s act. “They grabbed my arm, pulled me, insulted me with irrevocable obscenities … There were three, three Alpini … I managed to somehow free myself and escape.” The official complaint, currently against strangers, paves the way for an investigation by the Rimini Prosecutor’s Office to find out any responsibility.

Alpini in Rimini, what happened

After the traditional meeting of the Alpini in Rimini and San Marino, Rimini’s “Non una di less” associationwho has been fighting sexist violence for years, reported in their own profiles Instagram I Facebook that more than 150 women allegedly suffered harassment and ill-treatment by some of the participants in the gathering.

Whistles, threats to call cats and direct harassment affected several people guilty only of wanting to live in their own city. The bullying disguised as student spirit and tradition that they really are daughters of a patriarchal culture that he wants women, trans people and gender non-conformists subjected to power and fear, to blackmail and threats in case of rejection ”, they explained on social media.

The “Counter-fold” of “Non una di less”

Monday, May 9, after the gathering of the black feathers, No less organized a “Contrarally” in the Piazza Cavour in Rimini for a “talk on last week’s events.” And this is where the women explained and shared the bad experience they had during the weekend event.

The replica of the Alpini

Of course, the Alpini’s comment was also very close. Wool, the National Alpine Association, “distanced itself, stigmatizing them, from the uncivilized behaviors reportedwhich certainly do not belong to traditions and values ​​that it has always preserved and carried forward ”.

Stressing, however, that at the same time “to the police, after timely investigations, it appears that no complaint has been filed“.

And not only that, but the association also warned that “there are hundreds, if not thousands, of young people who, although not alpine, take advantage of the situation“.

Why was the harassment reported and not reported?

These are the positions until yesterday. Because, as we said now, there is a first complaint. Elly Schlein, vice-president of Emilia-Romagna, had already stressed that “the reports that have come from the concentration of alpine troops in Rimini must be taken seriously even when they do not take the form of a report to the police “, since “Even if the ANA declares that these are ‘episodes of rudeness or intoxication’, the allegations are a real harassment.” The word now goes to justice.

Not only the alpine troops in Rimini, but also Eurovision …

The harassment doesn’t stop at the Alpini, because also at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, the musical event at the Para Olimpico in Turin, Cases of harassment have been reported.

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Some volunteers who were traveling with the artists were allegedly the victims of this last Sunday, during the opening ceremony. Several girls showed up at the messaging chats in which they describe how at the party after the red carpet, transformed into a party based on alcohol and music, they were tormented of inappropriate behaviors and gestures of some present. Venaria Reale City Council, where the event was held, denies all charges.


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