Asciano, innovative institute with seismic safety and consumption reduction criteria with three million euros with the call of the PNRR

Mayor Nucci: “The opportunity is part of the municipal strategy to reduce the environmental impact on the territory as well as raise the quality standards of our children’s school education”

A loan of 3 million and 310 thousand euros for the demolition of the Asciano secondary school and its reconstruction according to the criteria of seismic safety, reduction of consumption and polluting emissions, as well as the promotion of the sustainable development of the territory and community improvement services. Asciano City Council saw the project funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, in line with the ecological and sustainability vision of the Administration, an intervention to replace the building park aimed at creating innovative, safe and sustainable schools. modern. A ranking currently subject to the registration, currently in progress, of the corresponding decrees by the control bodies.

“The municipal administration – underlines the mayor Fabrizio Nucci -, in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, considers that sustainable development is an engine of harmonious growth for the environment and the well-being of people. In this context, we are implementing an ecological transition that aims to bring the territory closer to combating climate change and reduce CO2 production throughout the existing building stock. For some years now, we have been embarking on a path towards the development of slow tourism linked to the use of ecological means of transport, supporting the implementation of area projects for the creation of bike lanes and bike lanes. The municipal building park still needs to be adapted, but the road began with museums, continued with schools, buildings that affect the weakest sector of the population.

“The opportunity to demolish and rebuild the high school building in the capital is part of the municipal strategy to reduce the environmental impact on the territory as well as the desire to provide quality education for everyone, equitable and inclusive and promote opportunities. of continuous learning for everyone ”, adds the councilor for education Laura Di Banella. “A project that allows us to combine two fundamental sectors: the place where the future of communities is created must be the place of the future, where sustainability becomes a daily reality for our children. Thanks, as well as to Terre di Siena Lab, to our technical and urban planning office for the activity carried out, to the architect Valentini who made it possible to achieve the goal and to the surveyor Faenzi, for having integrated their experiences. and knowledge with a preparatory work started in the summer of 2021 in the elaboration of the Register of School Buildings “.

The structure of Asciano High School was built in the 70’s and considering the current regulations that give a useful life of 50 years should have been affected by a redevelopment project. As a result of the seismic assessments carried out in the 2018-19 academic year, it was realized that in order to carry out a seismic adjustment intervention of the existing school structure, it was necessary to intervene strongly on the structures with very invasive works. The tender financed 216 buildings nationwide, 16 in Tuscany, model buildings with a primary energy consumption of less than 20% compared to the NZEB requirement which is still a mirage for most buildings. Italian audiences.

The construction of the work must be completed on March 31, 2026. The construction works of the new schools must be awarded before September 20, 2023. The region of Tuscany, in January, had updated the school building plan 2018-2020 by opening a notice allowing the insertion of projects submitted to the PNRR and the acquisition of points; a synergy operation that helped municipalities obtain funding.

A work of planning and administrative design that has allowed the municipal administration to present other interventions on the calls of the PNRR and of which the results are expected: the call of nursery schools and infant education with the proposal of center of infancy (0 -6), the call on canteens for the expansion and redevelopment of the canteen of the primary school in the capital, the strengthening of infrastructure for school sports with the energy requalification of the sports halls of Asciano and Arbia.

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