Juventus Market: The Knot of Morata-Kean Redemption

To keep the Spanish need 35, the blue has the obligation set at 28: these are too high figures for the plans of the bianconeri.

The upcoming Juventus attack is underway. Among long-term stays, non-renewed contracts and questionable repayments, Massimiliano Allegri’s only certainty for 2022-23 is Dusan Vlahovic. Around him, the management will have to rebuild the offensive department: Paulo Dybala has long known that his future will be far from Turin, because the club has chosen not to renew the contract, and the same fate could befall Federico Bernardeschi. also with the same expiration date of the Argentine ten (June 2022), whose agent Federico Pastorello has not yet been cited. The big unknown is Federico Chiesa, who will return between September and October from his Crusader injury, followed by Alvaro Morata and Moise Kean, whose future remains uncertain. Different contractual situations but with an important element in common: to keep them you need money, a lot of money, and Juventus is wondering if it is the right play, also because the season of both so far has not been entirely satisfactory. In total it would be an investment of more than 60 million euros, on which the Juventus club intends to reflect well and thoroughly. The question arises: is it worth spending that amount? The answer is inevitably no, which is why the club intends to renegotiate both contracts to try to get more favorable terms.

Right and obligation

Both Morata and Kean arrived on loan, but while for the Spanish Juventus only has the right to a refund (set at 35 million) to exercise this summer, at the end of the second year, in the case of the blues there is an obligation . already set at 28, which adds to the 7 million of the loan spread between the current season and next, plus 3 more bonuses. This means that for Morata Juventus can choose, while for Kean not. What is certain is that the club has no plans to spend what it considers too high for a 29-year-old, especially after having paid 20 in two years.

Deal with Atletico

The intention is to try to renegotiate the price with Atlético, starting from a much lower base, which does not exceed 20 million. In this case, keeping Alvaro in Turin could become a worthy opportunity: if Morata left Juventus he would still have to replace him and with that figure it is not easy to find an experienced striker ready for Serie A. L ‘Spaniard is reliable, has a good relationship with Allegri is highly valued in the locker room and can play alongside Vlahovic. His desire to remain at Juventus has not changed, as he has stated publicly several times. Much will depend on Atletico’s willingness to accept a lower figure. At the moment there are no indications of opening: coach Simeone does not consider it functional in the project and does not intend to recover it, but other teams may be interested in signing him (in January there was talk of Barcelona, Which has not yet definitively given up on the idea, and recently also Arsenal) and the management is clearly looking for the highest bidder.

Complex agreement

The situation is different for Kean, who arrived in the last days of the transfer market after the farewell of Cristiano Ronaldo. The agreement with Everton provides for the obligation to acquire it directly “with the achievement of certain sporting performances during the 2022-23 season,” the official statement said. Therefore, Juventus will spend only 4 million next season, but then it will take 31 to make it final for Juventus. Too much, at least for too fluctuating performance this first year. The club is convinced that Kean can have a decent market abroad, particularly in the Premier League, the formula with which he returned to Italy, however, complicates the speeches: for a sale (whether temporary or permanent) would be necessary re-comment on the deal with Everton as well. Possible but certainly complicated.

Decisive end

The final assessments will be made at the end of the season: Morata and Kean still have 4 more games to convince Juventus that they can count on them for the future. So far the season has not been exciting: Morata has played a lot but has done little (11 goals in total), Kean has not had the same opportunities but when he entered he has not always shone. The goal at Sassuolo, crucial for the Champions League, was the highest point of his season. Time will tell if it will be enough for reconfirmation.

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