30 years of Paralympic sports and parachuting, to be celebrated with Felice Tagliaferri

It was in 1990, when the first Italian HandyKayak Championship was held in Ferrara. In the coming days, the Canoa Club Ferrara will promote a series of initiatives to celebrate this anniversary, at its headquarters in the Oasis of Vigarano Pieve. And it will be flanked by a friend such as the well-known blind sculptor Felice Tagliaferri, who for the occasion will give his work “Ulysses the journey of life”, a tribute to the organizers and athletes of the Emilian city who played a role fundamental to the growth of Paralympic sport and paracanoa

The Czech sculptor Felice Tagliaferri working in his workshop (© Beatrice Pavasini)

It was him 1990when one Ferrara the first was held HandyKayak Italian Championship. Thirty years, then, would have been 2020, but the pandemic did not allow it and the Canoeing Club Ferrara that is why we have had to wait this year to promote a series of celebratory initiatives, at its headquarters in theOasis of Vigarano Pievewhich will begin in the coming days, culminating on May 14 and 15first with a Commemorative Daywhich includes a round table and a Paralympic sports demonstration, followed by the event Overflow 2022in collaboration with the UISP Ferrara (Italian Union of Sport for All) and with the Committee of the Area of ​​Disability of Ferrara.
Everything will be presented in the morning of May 10during a press conference during which we will also talk about a friend of the Canoa Club Ferrara, who wanted to pay tribute to him.
It is about Felice Tagliaferrithe well-known blind sculptor so often also present in our pages, about whom he thus wrote Marzia Santelli in the long interview we dedicated to him in his time: “Tagliaferri exudes joy of life and a special propensity towards others: his world is made of contact with people, direct to the heart with those in front of him, from the Caps of State to the Pope With the sculpture he discovered that he could shape your dreams and can no longer stop. His works, such as the Christ Revealedcreated “des despit” for not being able to play the original work of Giuseppe Sanmartino in Naples – they talk about his immense talent, his fervent imagination, his ability to create classic and perfect lines with marble, but not only; they talk about their commitment because art is accessible to everyone“.

Well, Tagliaferri donated the work to the Canoa Club Ferrara Ulysses the journey of lifea tribute to the organizers and athletes of the city of Emilia who in the last thirty years have played a key role in the growth of the Paralympic sport and of parachute and the sculpture will be inaugurated on the day May 13. Previously, however, and always at the Club’s summer headquarters in Vigarano Pieve, Tagliaferri himself will propose for four afternoons (May 7, 9, 11 and 1316.30-18.30) some participatory art workshops, involving the public in carrying out their last work in situ. A work, of course, of enjoy without barriersgiven both sight and touch.

“We want to thank all the friends,” he said Mauro BorghiPresident of the Canoa Club Ferrara – who have made us an offer in memory Luca Bertoncelli, our president who died in August last year, who made possible the presence of the artist Felice Tagliaferri, and for having created what will be an important piece of art for the Oasis. I am also grateful to the Municipal Administrations of Vigarano Mainarda and Ferrara, to the UICI of Ferrara (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired) and to all the sponsors who have made it possible to organize our festivities. (SB)

For more information and more information: canoafe.comunica@gmail.com.

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