Juve-Venezia, laboratory of Miretti and Allegri

The 18-year-old’s first time as a starter is a clear sign: the last three games of the championship will be the laboratory around 2022-23.

The young Fabio Miretti, 18, on the field from 1 ′, which Paulo Dybala leaves on the bench. The victory was signed by Bonucci, thirty-five years old, on his birthday, but that’s another story. In the Juventus calendar against Venezia, next season has actually begun: Allegri has made it clear in his training elections and has confirmed it after the match, when he spoke of the intention to get the most points in this final to start the match. the next again, season in the best way.

Personality and leg

The symbolic transfer between the old and the new course is in the debut as the head of the very young midfielder, who is also the protagonist of a very positive match, made of head, leg and even shots. Miretti is right-handed but a couple of times against Venice he tried it with his left (“The ball had gotten there”, he almost justified himself after the game), he called and managed to beat several shots seven (in development ). one of his free kicks also resulted in Bonucci’s first goal), was a fixed reference for the team. In short, a debut of depth, quality and personality that makes fans and coaches dream, although Allegri, as an experienced coach as he is, tries to throw water on the fire. But the operation is halfway: “Fabio played a good game. He knows how to play football, it’s much easier for him, then he’s someone who always tries to play the ball in front of him, that’s a good sign. He has played with great personality and has a lot of room for improvement, he is only 18 years old. Today has not been easy and in the first half the team has relied heavily on him. “I’m very happy with that.” .

The phone call that is not there

Meanwhile, she is in no hurry to celebrate on social media and can’t even share the joy of a similar debut from minute 1 with her family in the stands: “My parents travel abroad, then I will know them. ” But the joy is there, and it is great, after 10 years already spent at Juventus: “It is an indescribable emotion for me to have done the process for Juve from the youth to the first team. Playing at this stadium where he came from as an amateur … ”. On the field, however, he did not betray emotions: “I was comfortable and I was fine with my teammates.” Among them is the example that inspires him: “I like to play as a right midfielder, I watch and I learn from Locatelli.” Along with the idol De Bruyne, of course.

Captain’s word

And here is another symbolic “ascent”, which comes from the words of Captain Bonucci, almost twice his age: “Miretti played a great game, but those of us who know him have not seen anything new. We knew that his qualities could be important to us, even though he is young. We are now on a path of growth, of rejuvenation, and we welcome young people who bring us excitement. For my part, I have to put my experience at his disposal and convey what it means to wear the Juventus shirt: never give up and fight to the end. “And who knows that in the coming days Allegri will not fit to some of the best youngsters of that spring who reached a penalty kick since the final of the Youth League, the Champions League in their category, so far striker Marley Aké and offensive midfielder Matias Soulé have also had minutes in the Serie A, already in the round of the Argentine national team, but the different Senko, Raina, De Winter, Stramaccioni and Zuelli sat on the bench, perhaps in the next one it depends on them, or others.

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