contributions to small and medium enterprises

The provincial government, at the suggestion of the Provincial Councilor for Economic Development, Research and Employment, has given the green light to the new call for contributions aimed at strengthening the innovation of the production processes of SMEs in Trentino. The incentives are aimed at SMEs that are already structured and operate in the market, with registered and / or operational headquarters in the province of Trento. The intervention is part of the ERDF Operational Program 2021-2027 and will be funded by this Program, pending final approval. The instructor of the initiative is Trentino Sviluppo spa. The initial endowment is estimated at 2,500,000 euros.

“This initiative goes from the point of view of Factory 4.0 and I hope it can be an effective engine of development, which is in addition to what the state is doing in this direction,” said the commissioner for economic development. the measure is to strengthen the sustainable growth of small and medium-sized enterprises present in our area, helping to relaunch investments in production, the improvement of business processes in order to increase the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial fabric of Trentino “.

Who is eligible for incentives
The beneficiaries are companies already established for at least 3 years registered in the Mercantile Registry with an operating unit in Trentino in the Ateco codes related to the sectors of industry and crafts (reference in the table in Annex 8 of the announcement). The project must consist of:
● in the transformation of an existing production process and / or
● in the implementation of a new production process in addition to the existing production processes in the company.

In particular, the intervention is specified in support of tangible and intangible investments and consulting costs consistent with the activity of improvement / innovation of the production process, prepared in an evaluation report by an advisor accredited to Trentino Sviluppo Spa whose to go out. the guidelines for the transformation of the production process of the applicant company and in respect of which the activities to be facilitated must be structured in a coherent manner.
The main features are as follows:
● Eligible expenses:> 200,000 euros
● Maximum grant that can be awarded of 250,000 euros;
● Mandatory preventive assessment;
● Alternative schemes chosen by the company (De minimis or exemption)
● Counterpart procedure – with one or more openings – also in relation to credits
● Investments must be made and can affect the production process within a maximum of 18 months

Evaluation criteria include:
1. Quality of proposal innovation – 0 to 20 points (minimum 8)
2. Expected increase in competitiveness in the medium / long term also through repositioning in the market – from 0 to 15 points
3. Economic and financial sustainability – from 0 to 10 points (minimum 1)
4. A two-point reward will also be awarded to projects consistent with the provincial S3 and within the Internal Areas.
5. To be eligible for the grant, applications must obtain a minimum overall score of not less than 25 and a minimum score of not less than 8 in criterion 1) quality of the proposed innovation.

The intensity of the contribution varies -for each type of expense- depending on the score obtained and the scheme chosen by the company at the time of application.

From May 16, an application can be submitted by posting it on the online services portal of the Autonomous Province of Trento (

Evaluation report: The search for experts began
Meanwhile, Trentino Sviluppo has published the announcement for the formation of the list of Evaluators for the realization of the evaluations of company preparatory to the presentation of the applications.
Experts can be, by way of example and not limited to, self-employed, but also employees, partners or collaborators of companies, consulting companies, professional firms, etc .; in any case they will be selected based on personal experience and professional skills.
Interested persons are invited to consult the site for more detailed information on the Notice and the evaluation model.

More information will also be provided on the website which is being updated.


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