World Day for Safety and Health at Work: Here’s the #Thinksafe project award

“The culture of safety at work must be a shared and shared goal, not just an institutional issue often reserved for stakeholders, or rather those interested in different areas. It is an issue that needs to be rethought, rendered In a more stimulating and dynamic way, this method involves not only adult workers but also school students so that culture, even in safety, can be better formed if we deepen it from the school and university system. ” The promotion of new methodologies to address the issue of safety and the prevention of occupational diseases and accidents is one of the priority commitments of the Provincial Council. This morning, the provincial councilors for economic development, research and work, Achille Spinelli, and for education, university and culture, Mirko Bisesti, highlighted this in the presentation of the #Thinksafe project award, which will involve several schools. of Trentino and on April 28. 2023; #Thinksafe is promoted by the Rotary Club Rovereto Vallagarina with the aim of making children aware of the importance of respecting safety and health at work.

Today, on World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the protagonists of the morning at Progetto Manifattura were 250 students, followed by their teachers and school principals, from the technical and professional institutes Cfp Veronesi-Steam, Fontana and Marconi de Rovereto and Buonarroti de Trento who interacted with the interlocutors who followed each other in their speeches.
Starting with slackline specialist Elisa Taddei (“even in sports, security, the fruit of teamwork done by mutual care and observation, it’s never too much”) to get to Michele’s emotional testimonies later Ribaga di Rovereto and Alex Squat, president of the Anmil, both victims of accidents at work who explained their long rehabilitation journey by inviting children to “think safely” from school activities in the classroom, laboratories and internships in the company.
“The province of Trento has always invested in safety at work and will try to invest even more. With the unions and employers sitting at the security table, we want to establish more effective paths focusing a lot on young people. Safety training. at work, as guaranteed – says the Provincial Councilor for Economic Development Spinelli – is ineffective for several reasons, often applied by repeating safety rules, based on legal-regulatory language difficult to understand and especially interesting for a worker accustomed to the operative concretion and not to the “general abstract” of the norms, therefore, it is evident that the approach of the method must be corrected, making more complex and interesting with actions the complex question of the safety in the workplace, awards, prize competitions and innovative systems on the one hand and, on the other hand, new methods, workshops, training, concrete and real testimonies of the events that have taken place can involve and move and the awareness and the most faithful part of people about the important values ​​of life “.
Promoting the issue of security on several fronts, the business and employment world and the school world is the commitment reaffirmed by the Councilor for Economic Development, who also emphasized the focus on learning that is carried out “with the utmost security”. on both sides “. “The hope and commitment of the Board is that from pilot events like this a series of similar initiatives can be organized in a general way, also for the benefit of students, future workers aware of occupational hazards, and especially measures to be taken to prevent accidents and occupational diseases I confirm – the commissioner concludes – the will to use on several fronts the funds derived from sanctions in the field of safety at work to promote the culture of safety, starting by proposing a double competition with prizes: on the one hand for companies (secure business) and on the other in favor of school students, divided into areas (professional, technical, humanities) “.
“The culture of work must include the issue of safety,” said Provincial Councilor for Education Mirko Bisesti, linking the world of school and business. “The testimonies we have heard must be a stimulus for There is a need for a collective effort on the part of everyone and students can do it from the school by helping the classroom and the workshops. The school and the companies are called to do the Paying even more attention to what is already being done in the field of security, we must never lower our focus on this fundamental issue and invest more in young people, both in business and in information and security. School, I ask for a necessary and necessary effort in this matter “.
Finally, the role of schools and institutions is also crucial in the words of the mayor of Rovereto, who reiterated the need to teach safety still in school age, therefore the intervention of the director general of the Inail of Trento and Bolzano Giovanna Pignataro, who highlighted the worrying data on accidents at work.
In conclusion, the Rovereto Vallagarina Rotary Club presented students with a helmet with the logo of the #Thinksafe school-work event created by Rovereto illustrator Fabio Vettori with his famous ants made live in the big Manufacturing screen.



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