Juventus, Storari passes the sports director exam

The former goalkeeper, who joined Juventus’ management in 2020, was promoted to Coverciano: he is one of Vinovo’s benchmarks for the improvement of young people.

Exam passed in the last session of Coverciano, Marco Storari is officially sporting director. The former goalkeeper has embarked on a managerial career at Juventus since September 2020, taking on the role of developing the talent of Professional. In fact, he is one of the benchmarks of Vinovo for the enhancement of young people growing up in the line of Juventus, up to the Under 23: a strategic figure in the new vision of the club, which thanks to the second team has also he managed to become more attractive in the international market for talent looking for a prestigious showcase to get directly to the football that counts.


For a year and a half, Storari has been a regular presence in all Under 23 and Spring matches, but often follows the other lower teams as well as the women’s matches. He does it together with the other managers who have a specific position in the different categories, from Giovanni Manna who is the reference coach of the second team and Matteo Tognozzi who is in charge of Scouting, to many others. When the first team schedule allows, Federico Cherubini (often along with Pavel Nedved) is also present at the youth matches. This is because the club’s idea is to harmonize as much as possible the path of its boys, who can appear immediately in the first team (see Soulé next season) or take some other intermediate step away from Turin (moment at this time). they are in charge of the loan manager, Marco Ottolini) before being re-evaluated at Continassa. The former goalkeeper brings his experience as a footballer that led him to climb all professional categories, from Serie C to the highest category, to wear the shirt of two major Italian clubs, Milan and Juve. Putting together several trophies.


In the football curriculum of the new diesse there are, among other titles, two spring championships, with the shirt of Perugia. Ironically: in the first final of the championship, in 1996 against Parma, he found himself challenging Gigi Buffon on the other side, with whom he would become a teammate a few years later at Juve; as with Pirlo who the following year (1997) will not be able to snatch the tricolor with Brescia. Storari then played in the Serie C in Ancona, then in the Serie B in Naples and in Messina which led to A. He also wore the shirts of Milan, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Cagliari and Juventus. And he was among the pioneers of the last winning cycle of La Vella, getting his hands on the first four cups of the championship of the nine lifts: the first three under the direction of Antonio Conte and the fourth with Massimiliano Allegri . His bond with the people of Juventus was thus strengthened to the point of being among the most exalted players of that period.


After finishing his career as a footballer, Marco Storari took a while to better understand his new path. He chose the path as a coach and found support for Juve to train to the fullest. From the field behind the desk the transition is not easy or so obvious, but so far the experience has been positive. Coverciano’s academic career has certainly given him a lot, from November until now he clearly had the opportunity to learn important notions for a sports director and compare them with Vinovo’s daily activities. At a time of great change in the world of football – which must necessarily adapt to new visions and strategies, especially after the negative repercussions caused by Covid – the training of new managers is one of the most important keys of the activity of a club. Juve have one more home-grown sporting director, no doubt a benchmark for his well-proven talent for almost two years.

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