Shopping, entertainment, music, sports, exhibitions: a varied assortment of events on Sundays in the province

On April 24, 1066, Comet Halley, the most famous and brightest of the comets crossing the inner regions of the Solar System at intervals of decades, was named in honor of Edmond Halley, who was the first to predict. his return to perihelion. About a millennium later, funny explorers have the unique opportunity in life to observe a wide variety of events from one end of the universe to the other, especially in the “galaxy of the Sunday “. From fairs to creative workshops, from concerts to sports competitions to art exhibitions, the number of “planets” where we can land is infinite.

Forte dei Marmi Ambulanti, the most famous quality market in Italy, is in high demand again. Cereal with all the best of Made in Italy craftsmanship and the latest fashion trends. The legendary “open-air shops” of the original consortium will offer an absolutely unmissable day for the many fans of the genre and in the name of the most glamorous and comfortable shopping. As usual, it will be a real show of stalls that will revive the magical atmosphere of the Forte market, synonymous with authenticity and a guarantee of artisan quality.

A Altar There will be a lot of fun with the “Spring Fair”! Numerous stalls of street vendors, refreshments and well-stocked commercial and artisanal activities will open on the streets of the town. There are also several creative workshops and spectacular entertainment for children and teenagers at the Circolo Sportivo Zeronovanta. The Altarese Museum of Glass Art will open to the public and the ovens will be lit to allow the public to witness the imaginative performances of the master glassmakers at the work. Also at the headquarters of the Cultural Association AMA Arts and Mysteries of Altare there will be the presentation of two tasty dishes of the ancient altar tradition: the dashboards and the macaroni all’ago.

American singer Sherrita Duran will perform in concert at Loano, offering songs of different genres: from jazz to blues to the great performances of international pop music stars. A warm voice like his California, a soft, velvety and very particular timbre, unlimited extension and excellent technique allow him great versatility in any musical style. A very strong passion for opera and musicals from an early age, an innate compositional talent: Duran is truly a complete artist.

YEPP and the Municipality will replicate the exciting and spectacular sporting event “VerticAlbenga”, during which numerous activities will take place, starting with the international competition Trickline, the first phase of the European Championship, which will host two different categories, Pro and Basis. Then there will be the national street lifting competition: three attempts to lift as much weight as possible in the four exercises Muscle up, Pull up, Dip and Squat. Along with Street Lifting, another branch of Calisthenics, Resistance, will also be alternated, the goal of which is to perform as many repetitions as possible of the Muscle up, Pull up, Dip and Squat exercises. Onlykettlebell will give us a chance to meet and test the Kettlebell lift.

A Savona The photographic exhibition “Il Tempo del Lavoro – 120 years of history and work” ends, organized on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Savona Chamber of Labor by CGIL and SPI Sindacato Pensionati. Having 120 years and a whole future ahead of yesterday’s work is a great success for the trade union organization that best represents the history and roots of the Italian working world. An important anniversary that is part of a period in which there is very little to rejoice over, due to the effects of the pandemic, which has dragged the country into a terrible health crisis, economic, social, labor and educational unprecedented.

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