Samsung UE55AU9079UXZT best offer on Amazon: discount and price

That Samsung is a guarantee when it comes to smart TVs and TVs in general is a fact for years. The Korean manufacturer is the absolute number 1 in sales and offers a very wide product line able to meet even the most particular needs. Some appliances, on the other hand, stand out for their versatility and quality.

He Samsung UE55U9079UXZT, for example, is among the best mid-range smartphones available on the market. Equipped with a extremely bright LED panel and advanced smart features, perfect for all kinds of use, from watching movies and TV series to more intense games.

An extremely good and versatile smart TV that has never been as affordable as it is today. Amazon actually offers it with an incredible discount, which is unlikely to be repeated any time soon. If you are looking for a TV for the living room, then you better not wait any longer and take advantage of one of the best deals you will find today on the quintessential e-commerce platform.

Samsung UE55AU9079UXZT, 55-inch smart TV: features and functionalities

The real strength of the Samsung 55-inch smartphone offered by Amazon is the processor 4K crystal processor, which allows you to increase all content to an UltraHD resolution (3820 × 2160 pixels) and get more realistic color hues thanks to sophisticated color mapping technology. In this way, technology Dynamic crystal color manages more than a billion shades of color, for realistic images and scenes like never before.

The Samsung Smart TV offered today on Amazon winks at players. Thanks to Motion Xcelerator Turboin fact, the TV adapts its performance to the title you are playing, guaranteeing you a video game experience at the highest level. If, for example, you are playing a shooter, the Samsung UE55A9079UXZT will guarantee you one frame rate and a very high refresh rate, adapting the configuration independently. In addition, thanks to the possibility of establishing the aspect ratio at 21: 9 and 32: 9 it will be possible to have a very wide view of the game and always have everything under control.

In terms of smart features, then, the Samsung UE55AU9079UXZT has very little to envy even in high-end devices. The platform Samsung TV Plus gives access to exclusive content, while the SmartThings mode allows you to automatically detect smart home devices connected to the same Wifi network and control them directly from the remote control. You also have the option to install dozens and dozens of applications by choosing from a very large library, while compatibility with major voice assistants allows you to interact with your TV (and compatible smart home devices). ) with simple voice commands.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the design of the luminaire. In fact, South Korean designers have paid special attention to aesthetics, to creation an elegant and ultra-thin TV, which can be easily inserted into any home environment, regardless of the style of existing furniture. Thanks to the cable collection system and the Slim Fit wall mount it will be possible to hang the TV on the wall creating the minimum volume and making it adhere to the wall in an almost perfect way.

Samsung UE55AU9079UXZT, the 55-inch smart TV offered on Amazon: discount and price

As mentioned, the Samsung UE55AU9079UXZT it has never been as affordable as it is today. Merit of 45% discount in the price list which literally causes the price to fall below the 500 euro threshold (491 euros to be precise). The savings are quite considerable: thanks to today’s promotion they will be able to do so save more than 400 euros.

Samsung & nbsp;  UE55AU9079UXZT, 55-inch smart TV with Crystal UHD 4K and Alexa integrated

Samsung UE55AU9079UXZT, 55-inch smart TV with Crystal UHD 4K and Alexa integrated

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