“Presidential” comfort and Formula E technology

DS9 sums up well the strategy of the French brand: luxury, personality, electrification. The 360 ​​hp 4×4 version with a refined and Parisian flavor adds a pretty brilliant performance. Prices from 68,400 euros

Tommaso Marcoli

– Rome

While it is unusual to describe a car, presidential is the right adjective for DS9. At least for two reasons: it is a truly representative, luxurious and sophisticated car. Indeed, it is a “presidential” car, as it was chosen as an escort by the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron. On the other hand, “la 9” is the synthesis of the ambitions and skills of the French brand, which is increasingly willing to become a benchmark for premium content among the brands of the Stellantis group. Not only that, the Performance division actively contributed to the development of the vehicle and this had a positive impact. Available exclusively with plug-in hybrid power units, at the top of the offer is a four-wheel drive version with 360 hp, priced at € 68,400.

Ds Performance

With two world-class constructors winning the Formula E championship, Ds has proven to possess excellent specific knowledge for the development of electric propulsion systems. As is often the case, sports competitions are a great opportunity to experiment with new technical solutions that could then find applications for series products as well. The Ds9 sedan has benefited greatly from these consequences, having been designed and tested with the support of the sports division. The plug-in hybrid power unit consists of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 200 hp and 300 Nm of torque and two electrical elements: one at the front with 110 hp and one at the rear with 113 hp. The power of the system reaches 360 hp for 520 Nm of maximum torque. Traction is virtual on all wheels, with the rear electric motor supplying electricity in case of need. The result is an excellent balance between performance and good performance: if necessary, the acceleration is remarkable (5.6 seconds to reach 100 km / h) and the top speed of 250 km / h gives a good idea of ​​the numbers in play. Surprisingly, given the category and intended use of the vehicle, the involvement of the driver did not define the design of the car. It is a representative sedan, comfortable and adequately refined to meet the needs of a very demanding clientele that will hardly sit in the left front seat (or right, depending on the country). Its ideal environment, therefore, is the highway.

Comfortable and refined

The Ds9 was designed to make miles at cruising speed. The occasion of the Roman stage of the Formula E Championship was a good opportunity to assess the comfort, consumption and quality of life aboard the French hybrid luxury sedan. More than 4.90 meters long, it does not go unnoticed: the style is personal, enriched with details of “Parisian” taste that make it an eccentric protagonist in the segment to which it belongs. Some elements, in fact, tend to overload a pretty nice image in itself. The same goes for the interior: the upholstery is of the highest quality and even the hidden components in sight have not been neglected. Here too, however, the image is perhaps too abundant in detail and refinement. The configuration consists of five seats, assuming the central chair a purely superficial role: extending the armrest, a console appears from which you can program the function of massage, ventilation and heating of the side seats. Both are very comfortable, satisfying the demand for luxury and comfort. Qualities that, in any case, have motivated the development of the project and which can also be enjoyed by the driver and front passenger. Good technological integration, with the striking screen in the center of the dashboard with many contents but with slightly soft graphics for the segment to which it belongs. The instrument panel is fully digital and customizable. Among the functions of assistance to the driver, the device of night vision that recognizes the presence of pedestrians through the body heat.

Consumption and driving

Soundproofing is one of the distinguishing qualities of the DS9. Life on board is of a high standard and you travel in an environment perfectly isolated from external interference. The Focal audio system helps to build a “bubble” where you can relax while traveling with total serenity. The suspensions are the benchmark that effectively absorb any roughness without ever returning the impact to the backs of the occupants. Fluent and composed, Ds9 respects the task of a comfortable and safe travel companion. In this sense, the driver assistance systems are all state of the art and the adaptive cruise control has a good calibration without being too aggressive in acceleration or sudden braking. Good running reserve does not convey sportiness, while the configuration and dimensions suggest a less pressing and more relaxed driving pace. The battery guarantees zero emission mileage between 20 and 25 km, depending on the pace and context of driving. On the motorway, maintaining a speed of between 120 and 130 km / h (with exhausted battery), the average consumption was 7 liters per 100 km which is equivalent to an average distance of about 14 km / l.

Ds9 E-tense 4X4: data sheet

Dimensions Length: 4,930 mm; width: 1,930 mm; height: 1,460 mm; wheelbase: 2,900 mm; weight: 1,839 kg; Trunk capacity: 510 liters

Motorization displacement: 1,598 cc; Nº cylinders: 4 in line; power: 200 hp; front electric motor power: 81 kW (110 hp); rear electric motor power: 83 kW (113 Hp) system power: 360 Hp; Maximum torque: 520 Nm.

Performance acceleration 0-100 km / h: 5.6 seconds; top speed: 250 km / h.

Consumption: 1.4 / 1.5 l / 100 km (Wltp cycle)

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