Electricity and gas bills: how to save thanks to technology

Lin the spring it finally came to life, but this year the arrival of summer is bittersweet for many Italians. High bills are hitting again and the costs of electricity and gas weigh even more heavily on businesses and households.

We promise to save

According to survey conducted by Krukcredit expert, almost the entire sample interviewed is aware of the increases that have taken place since the beginning of the year in electricity and gas bills (95%) and 90% are concerned about the increases, so much so that 46% will commit to saving specifically to deal with the expensive bill. In addition, the majority, equal to 72% of respondents, are aware that reducing their energy consumption, in addition to being good for the planet, could lead to a reduction in costs.

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Turn off things we don’t use

But if, on the one hand, Italians are careful to turn off the TV and computer when they are not using them (56%) or are willing to turn down the thermostat in winter (59%), no more “demanding” measures can be considered for most respondents, how to turn off the home router at night (67% of the sample), or defrost the refrigerator and freezer every 3 months (56%): this last action would involve a energy reduction between 30-50% per year.

In addition to a certain laziness in the adoption of conscious behaviors, there are also some a limit dictated by bureaucratic aspects related to bills and energy suppliers, on which most respondents do not even try to prove: for 54% of the sample, in fact, the bill is a mystery.

Look for better rates

Although often cumbersome, choose the most convenient rates it can be a winning asset in terms of savings and cost control. A valid help is represented by the specialized online services in the comparison of these offers.

Places like Facile.it, Seguigio.it, Sostariffe.it allows you to consult the most convenient rates and offers quickly and easily, while the operators like them Switcho.it they also deal – free of charge – with the bureaucratic part, which refers to the change of operator.


Tips to reduce your electricity and gas bills

With rising energy and gas prices, we are witnessing increasingly expensive bills, which may also increase respectively. 68% and 64% with respect to the equivalent twelve months of the previous period. To deal with the current situation and try to reduce your electricity and gas bills, it is essential to start changing your lifestyle and implementing systems that help limit consumption.

These, for example, are the tips of habitíssima portal that puts individuals and qualified professionals in direct contact for redevelopment, rehabilitation and building interventions.

Maintain the boiler (and air conditioners) regularly

Besides careful use of heating, one of the most important actions to reduce the cost of the gas bill is the regular maintenance of the boiler that must be done every year. Your control is essential, not just because required by lawbut also because it allows to identify the presence of anomalies that can cause gas residues.

At the same time, though, it’s good to remember do not overdo the air conditioning when the heat arrives: the advice for this summer is to avoid putting extremely cold temperatures, which can give immediate relief (especially in big cities), but which have a significant cost, not only in economic terms but also in environmental impact .

Evaluate alternative energy sources

A valid solution to optimize power consumption isinstallation of heat pumps or underfloor heating using radiant plates. If you also want to have a greater positive impact on the environment, the ideal is the installation of photovoltaic panels. This alternative and sustainable energy option also allows access to bonuses granted by the government for energy requalification interventions.

Choose the best performing appliances

If it is necessary to replace one or more appliances, the ideal way to significantly reduce consumption is to prefer those of a higher category, with a energy class not less than A +. Each appliance, from the TV to the washing machine, has its own power consumption and for each the adoption of small precautions allows to avoid unnecessary waste. Another simple and minimally invasive movement is that of don’t keep them waiting.

For some devices, it is also possible to configure specific functions. For example, in the case of the refrigerator always on, you can set a temperature above the minimum, which is more expensive, to have a double benefit: reduce consumption and save money.

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Prefers LED bulbs

Replacing old incandescent bulbs with state-of-the-art LED bulbs is also an option that allows you to reduce costs on your bills. Despite the higher cost than traditional ones, LED bulbs are more efficient and last about 15/25 times longer.


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