Bucha’s corpses and our efforts for the truth through technology

Images published by the New York Times dand the corpses of the Ukrainian city of Bucha aroused horror and indignation around the world. For the first time private companies – satellite – intervene directly at the information level in an armed conflict, assuming a real role of contractor.

Satellite images of Maxar Inc. and Planet Inc.

“Maxar Technologies Inc. is a space technology company based in Westminster, Colorado, United States, specializing in the manufacture of communications satellites, Earth observation, radar and orbit services, satellite products and related services “(source: Wikipedia).

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Maxar is one of the subjects of the great computer company what ‘s most talked about these days: satellite imagery of Bucha’s corpses have just been removed from the apparatus and with software of Maxar.

Satellite images of the siege of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol were also captured and broadcast by Maxar herself, who compares images of attacked Ukrainian cities (Mariupol, but also Kherson and Kharkiv) before and after the special military operation. Russian “.

Similar services are provided by Planet Inc., another American company, which states its mission in these terms: “Daily data on Earth to see change and make better decisions. Planet provides daily satellite data to help companies, governments, researchers and journalists understand the physical world and take action ”(source: https://www.planet.com/).

Planet has implemented a non-public platform to store high-resolution daily images and uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect in real time activities such as traffic congestion, the movements of ships, trains and convoys.

It is therefore not surprising that the Ukrainian government has resorted to these issues to obtain real-time images of the evolution of the conflict.

The strategic partnership takes place through the Ukrainian company Eos Data Analytics, whose mission is “Observe. Learn. Act. EOS Data Analytics wants to make a positive difference using geospatial data and custom algorithms. Our system makes it easy to get the quick, actionable data you need to drive your business and preserve our planet. We offer effective solutions for agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, minerals and mining, among many other fields applied to custom request (source: https://eos.com/site).

Sar technology to control the movement of troops

Unlike the instrumentation used in Maxar and Planet, Sar technology (Synthetic aperture radar) allows you to track the movements of the earth even on a small scale, using microwave technology.

The consequence is the ability to control the movement of troops on the ground at a distance.

This is the “ground” of L3Harris Geospatial Inc., another great computer company USA, which immediately explains how “Accurate and reliable tracking of the Earth is essential for many geophysical and geospatial applications. However, most sensors cannot capture data at night or through clouds, dust or smoke. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data can see where other sensors have blind spots.This data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time, can monitor changes on a millimeter scale in large numbers. areas and provide information that can fill the gaps left by other sensors “(source: https://www.l3harrisgeospatial.com/).

Bucha’s photos and the location of the New York Times

Images of the bodies placed along the road in the Ukrainian town of Bucha date back to March 19, 2022, but have only been published in recent days by the New York Times.

Images of other atrocities have been revealed in the same city and depict corpses abandoned on the street, probably “executed” by the retreating Russian army.

However, this is the version of the Ukrainian government, endorsed by the US and NATO allies, which has provoked global outrage and the imposition of new economic sanctions on Russia.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has even accused Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, of crimes against humanity and is being tried before the International War Crimes Tribunal of the AJA.

The Death of Truth: The Damages of the Information War and Democracy

The voices of “doubt”

However, not everyone was convinced by the Ukrainian (and American) version of Bucha’s events. Not just the Russian government talks about “fake images”.

Well-known “war” journalist Toni Capuozzo, with a long – and documented – post on Facebook, reaffirms what has already been said in the program “La Quarta República”.

He openly states that both Russians and Ukrainians may be responsible for the images released on April 4: some as executors, others as architects of a “staging” to gain support for Western public opinion, which it must “digest” military and economic support. in Ukraine.

It bears a “documented” chronicle of how Russian breakers left Bucha on March 30, 2022, with a statement from Bucha’s mayor on March 31, 2022, without reference to the corpses.

Then “On April 1, the interview with the mayor is broadcast on Ukraine TV24. It is not accompanied by any comment on deaths on the street. On April 1, a neo-Nazi named Botsman posted photos of Bucha in the Telegram. He only says that he found a deputy in the city, he is not talking about the dead. But you hear him answer a question: “What do we do with those who don’t have a blue bracelet?” “Shoot,” he replies. On April 2, Ukrainian police made a feature film about patrolling the streets of Bucha (which is not huge: 28,000 inhabitants). We only see one dead man, a Russian soldier, by the side of the road. In the 8-minute feature film, there are residents leaving the house and pedestrians stopping to talk to the police. Glad to have been released, but no one talks about dead on the street. The worst thing is when it comes to women being forced to go down to a winery, and men being questioned.

On April 3, neo-Nazis in the Telegram begin posting photos of the dead. Three full days after the Liberation ”(Toni Capuozzo, on his Facebook page, published on April 5, 2022).

Gianandrea Gaiani, editor of AnalysisDifesa magazine, also had serious doubts about the images of the corpses, which he said in an interview with Panorama: “The blood is not seen.” He replied: “Exactly, you don’t even see the blood. As if they had been dead for a long time. There are some things in time that do not fit ”(source: panorama.it site).

The situation could be similar to that of little Aylan, the Syrian boy who drowned and was found off the coast of Turkey, “put” to take pictures of greater sensational impact.

Alessandro Gilioli, director of “Radio Popolare”, comments on his Facebook profile as follows: “For example: the evidence of a massacre in Bucha means that Ukraine does not have an excellent communication machine that often also produces No, this is not true, Ukraine has an excellent media machine that has repeatedly generated fake news, and this can be reversed: the fact that Ukraine has an excellent media machine that often produces fake news to say that Bucha was a hoax? No, it doesn’t mean anything ”(Alessandro Gilioli, Facebook profile, April 5, 2022).


Only a serious international and independent investigation will be able to find out what happened to Bucha and the other Ukrainian theaters of war.

Like it or not, the rest is propaganda, a useful tool in war for both sides, without distinction between the aggressor and the attacker.

What is certain is that for the first time we are witnessing a way of observing the war live, with images of an immediacy never seen before: almost “instagramable”.

Explain in the story what really happened: but remembering what it meant and what implications it had, we must follow the assumption that the absence of evidence is not proof of the absence (of chemical weapons in Iraq).

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