Audi A3, short for technology – Useful information

TheAudi A3 – arrived at fourth generation – it is a compact The German “premium” much loved by those seeking comfort, elegance, sportiness and technology. A “big” car, available in two body variants (5-door or 4-door), but with small exterior dimensions.

Below you will find one glossaries to better understand what it is acronyms which identify all the technological accessories of the “C-segment” of Ingolstadt.

Audi A3: abbreviation technology for abbreviation


The ACC uses a radar sensor to detect, within the limits of the system, the vehicles in front, maintaining a constant distance and speed, within the limits of the system. It works from 0 to 210 km / h for S tronic gearboxes, from 30 to 210 km / h for manual gearboxes. On vehicles equipped with an S tronic gearbox, the Stop & go function is offered, which stops and restarts the car automatically under certain conditions.

Adaptive cruise assistance

Adaptive cruise assistance combines the functions of adaptive cruise control and lane guidance, supporting the driver to accelerate, brake, maintain speed and distance, and stay in the middle of the lane (even in a lane). narrow due to road works).

Adaptive speed assistance

Adaptive speed assistance adaptive cruise control uses a radar sensor to detect vehicles traveling in front of the car and keeps speed and distance as constant as possible within range of control.

lights all the time

The “all-weather light” feature reduces self-glare when visibility is poor.

Audi connect key

The Audi connect key is a digital key built into your smartphone that allows you to unlock and lock your car and start your engine.

Audi connect navigation and infotainment

The Audi connect navigation and infotainment package provides real-time information to improve navigation and infotainment systems.

Audi connect Remote & Control

Audi connect control services include remote control features that connect your car to your smartphone.

Audi drive select

The Audi drive select driving dynamics control system allows you to change the character of your car by setting different modes.

Audi Matrix

Audi Matrix technology combines a camera system with LED light sources and precise optics for highly adaptive light distribution. Approaching vehicles and previous ones are off, while all other intermediate and nearby areas are kept fully lit.

Audi phone case light

The Audi Phone Box lighting system allows you to make calls with your mobile phone, using the car’s hands-free system, by placing the phone in the universal compartment located in the center of the front center armrest. It includes the option to charge via USB port and wireless charging, as well as a warning feature in case the phone is left in the Audi phone case.

Audi pre-without basic

Audi pre-sense basic, within the limits of the system, recognizes the imminent dangerous situations by comparing the information detected by the different safety systems on board. If a hazardous situation is identified, the device tightens its seat belts, closes its windows, and activates the emergency indicators.

Audi pre-no front

The Audi pre-sense front-facing system uses the front radar to identify, within the limits of the system, the potential risks of collision with other parked or moving vehicles by visual and audible warning. If the driver does not act, the system intervenes by activating a preventive braking to draw attention and if the driver still does not act the system automatically activates the brake with the greatest possible braking force, reducing the severity of the collision or avoiding the. Within the limits of the system, Audi pre-frontless detects pedestrians and cyclists standing or moving even when crossing: a visual and acoustic signal catches the driver’s attention while the braking system is activated to reduce the severity of the ‘impact. If the driver does not act, the system, within its limits, activates the brake autonomously.

Audi smartphone interface

The system includes the Audi music interface and allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle and stream content directly to the MMI screen via USB.

Audi virtual cockpit

The Audi virtual cockpit is a fully digital instrument panel with a TFT display that displays a variety of vehicle information.

Audi virtual cockpit plus

The Audi virtual cockpit plus is nothing more than a virtual cabin with a bigger screen.

Comfort key

With the comfort key, simply press the engine start / stop button to start and stop the engine and the buttons on the driver’s and passenger’s door handles to lock the car from the outside.

cylinder on demand

On-demand cylinder technology closes the two-cylinder intake and exhaust valves (if the engine at transient speeds does not need all the power delivered by the four cylinders) by turning off the injection and ignition on the corresponding cylinders.


The term DAB (acronym for Digital Audio Broadcasting) stands for Digital Radio.

e-tron compact

e-tron compact is a 2 mode charging system and is designed to be charged via power outlets. The connection cable to the
the vehicle has a length of 4.5 meters.

Emergency assistance

The Emergency Assistant, when it does not detect the driver’s movement, secures the passengers by keeping the vehicle in its lane and activating the Adaptive Cruise Control, which brakes progressively until the car stops.

Functions on demand

On-demand features are information systems, driving assistance and lighting that can be purchased on request even after purchasing the car.


Audi uses the abbreviation g-tron to indicate CNG models.

Top view

The front display is capable of projecting driving information related to assistance systems, navigation systems, or warning messages directly into the driver’s field of vision.

Hi Audi

Saying “Hey Audi” activates voice commands.

Hybrid radio

Hybrid radio automatically switches from FM / DAB to online radio to ensure maximum listening quality.


i-Size is a European regulation on child restraint systems.


The car lock system is activated when the car is locked with the remote control

Go without a key

Keyless Go allows you to turn on the car at the touch of a button without having to enter the ignition key.

Lane departure warning

Lane departure warning (lane keeping aid device) within system limits prevents unintentional lane departure. When the system is operational and the turn signals are not active, the system corrects the trajectory by making corrective movements on the steering wheel, keeping the car in the lane.

48V soft hybrid

The Audi 48V’s mild-hybrid system consists of a belt-operated start-up generator (BSG) and a lithium-ion battery and guarantees a reduction in consumption and CO2 emissions thanks to greater energy recovery.

MMI Plus

The abbreviation MMI Plus indicates a type of Audi radio.


Audi uses the abbreviation quattro to identify its vehicles with permanent all-wheel drive.

S tronic

The S tronic transmission is a dual-clutch automatic transmission.


Safelock prevents the doors from opening from the inside when the car is locked with the ignition key.


The abbreviation Sedan is used to identify the 4-door Audi A3.

Single frame

The Singleframe is the grid developed in a single element around the front grid.


The abbreviation Sportback is used to identify the 5-door Audi A3.


The abbreviation TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) indicates Audi turbodiesel engines with direct injection.


The abbreviation TFSI (Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection) indicates the turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines of the Audi A3.


The abbreviation TFSI e means the plug-in hybrid petrol engines of the Audi A3.

Turning assistance

In the case of a left turn, the turn assistant recognizes vehicles coming in the opposite direction to the lane and, if the car is traveling at a speed between 2 and 10 km / h, the driver enters action as soon as ‘light up. the direction of the sign to cross the road. If the system detects a critical situation, it allows the brakes to intervene automatically.


The USB-C jack differs from other USB formats by the presence of the two-way connector. In short, the cable can be inserted in both directions.

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