Women of the 6 Nations, Di Giandomenico: “Italy has a result below expectations”

With the technical commissioner Andrea Di Giandomenico we analyzed the moment in which the Azzurre live, in the middle of the crisis of results, a little satisfaction after the qualification for the World-wide one, but also the desire to follow known paths that have taken the girls to the World Cup. top of the oval ball. All this is part of a development process reassured by the news of the new federal contracts

It’s certainly not the best of times for women’s Italrugby, in last place in the Six Nations tournament still looking for victories and marked on the eve of last day’s outing in Ireland by a certain positivity that forced coach Andrea Di. Giandomenico to review his training options, with four forced changes. Yesterday, however, the news that something is also changing in the landscape of Italian women’s rugby, with the announcement of new federal contracts and scholarships aimed at building a near future with a view to the World Cup in New Zealand, and looking ahead. for what is to come.

We went to ask directly those who know the blue environment well and have lived it for years, only the head coach Andrea Di Giandomenico, how is the state of the art in Italy. “We don’t deny that Covid is making it a bit difficult for us right now, but in general we are thinking together with all the girls,” said the blue coach. The first analysis, in that sense, I obviously start with myself and think about what I did and what may not have been effective enough. We have tried to insert something new in the game system, which probably needs more time to assimilate, but we have also thought about it for the World Cup. Then, without a doubt, considering the classification for the World Cup test, a little satisfaction came when reaching this milestone. In general, I would say that it is necessary, as has been said, to regain some efficiency and we have not yet had the ability to concentrate well in this 2022 tournament. There are certain situations, especially now, that do not help, but it must be taken as a source of reflection and not as an excuse for performance that is objectively below expectations and above all below international need. “

Central contracts: a first turning point

The news of the first federal contracts, however, goes in the direction of further development of the whole movement and can only be welcomed in a positive way.

“I think it’s a way of trying to do even better what I had already started, recognizing the commitment, courage and professionalism of the girls, in a general context that doesn’t have much and there is still a lot of work to be done. sense and not just in the players. Maybe in the short term it won’t change much, because it’s not that you suddenly get stronger because you have a contract behind you, but I think the road ahead is longer and you have to start again, especially from youth training and from from a kind of professionalism from a technical-sports point of view: this is the goal. It is now necessary to recognize the right attention to all this, to guarantee the stability in the time and the possibility to have more and more sportsmen and more and more prepared ”. When in recent months we started talking about professionalism in Wales, with the first twelve official contracts and with so many players called retained, players who in any case train and are followed but with shorter times and less intensity, the results they arrived almost immediately with a sprint start in this edition of the Six Women’s Nations. Irish coach Greg McWilliams acknowledged after the defeat on the first day that the women’s gap was shorter to fill than in men’s, and Welsh captain Siwan Lillicrap had indicated the biggest improvement in recovery time with the arrival of professionalism. “Undoubtedly, it is a fundamental aspect, because it determines a context that allows athletes to perform at 360 degrees. I’m just thinking about not having to stand up for work, for example, after a tiring, stressful game. This is all under the name of invisible training. If I think about some of the girls, I don’t think they would train more than they already do today, but all this will inevitably help to improve their performance. “

Both in the words of the other teams that have known this phenomenon before, and in the post-official communication of Manuela Furlan, the idea of ​​this clearly shines as a turning point not so much for current players, but more for the current players. those to come in the future. “I think the girls are absolutely clear about that. Its benefit is momentary, but not an end in itself. We’re talking about planning that needs to be done to make all women’s rugby consistent. The girls fully perceive it and know it very well. “

A look at Scotland, rivals in the fourth round

The next rival, on Saturday 23 in Parma, will be Scotland. Training defeated in the world qualifying tournament in September, again at the Sergio Lanfranchi stadium, but despite the debacle of these first days, does not seem to deserve the current position. Close to defeating Wales at Cardiff and then recovering, the Mountaineers offered pure action against the superpowers England and France. “I’ve had the opportunity to say that in the past, Scotland is a job that starts from afar and in the long run the work pays off, so now the fruits of it are coming. Already at the start of the tournament there was talk of what the four behind England and France could do with a general draw and I would say that this situation is confirmed. Past results cannot predict futures, but after having worked effectively in the past, they can now aim for better results and scores, in line with what their performance is already. “

The 2022 tournament, a paradox between domination and balance

Ahead of England seemed to have something more than France.

“Yes, but keep in mind that England are always on the table, with the aim of achieving incredible levels of intensity. France may be more alternate, but they will come to play their last home game in Bayonne, with the stadium full and confident that they will be able to exalt themselves and remain a team with a lot of potential. So far, England may seem more dominant, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find France at most until the end. ” “Wales came from years of fasting. We’ve been there too and we know what that means, but he had a chance to qualify thanks to his place in the last World Cup for the next one and he went to be able to work with more serenity.An event for which Scotland has invested heavily while Ireland is restarting and rebuilding.I think everyone, albeit for different reasons, is trying to find effectiveness in the results and so there is a kind of “For us, however, I am confident that we will soon be able to do what we know best.”

Get confidence in the game and then think about the results

So what’s the point of closing the tournament for our tough girls?

“Find our rugby and play well. When we have done this in the past, the results have come. It’s not that we don’t care about the outcome itself now, but I think it’s a priority to regain confidence in our game, both as a team and individually, regaining possession of our individual and collective abilities. Once this is done, we will comment on the results, which we hope will be positive. “

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