The self-esteem of Italian women is among the lowest in the world

“You’re beautiful when you spread love and tell the world I’m not a statue, I’m someone.” The phrase is by singer-songwriter Roberto Vecchioni (honorary president of Progetto Scuola) commenting on the presentation of the research. Beauty confidence and self-esteem, on the self-esteem of women and adolescents in Italy. Self-esteem is not really our strength, if … Read more

the IFAB decisions for the 2022-2023 season

How will football change next season? These are the novelties introduced by the IFAB in today’s meeting, with different solutions that will be the subject of new tests. How will football change next season? The leaders of the ball are ready to insert a series of innovations in the most beautiful sport in the world, … Read more

Rotary Club Riva del Garda: delivery

Completion of the rotary course 2021-2022 and delivery to the new president for the academic year 2022-2023 Having reached the end of the rotary course 2021-2022, which began with the Summer Festival, held on June 26, 2021, Dra. Andreas La Via (photo), President of the Rotary Club Riva del Garda, the first female representative convened … Read more

In Castel Belasi the photos of the author of “Beata joventut. De Faganello a Instagram”

In the European Year of Youth, the exhibition “Blessed Youth. From Faganello to Instagram”, presented today in the Kessler classroom of the Palazzo di Sociologia in Trento, offers an intriguing selection of photographs that, through cultures and youthful worlds, become the engine of a lively confrontation between generations. The inauguration is scheduled for Friday, June … Read more

Two sports giants to promote the mini watermelons made in Sardinia: Gavina and Eleonora

Terralba Alessia Orro and Francisco Porcella witnessed L’Orto di Eleonora, also on national networks Two sports giants, Alessia Orro, European volleyball champion and Francisco Porcella, world surfing champion, will be the witnesses of the summer campaign of L’Orto di Eleonora “The island of sweet wonders, which will begin soon . Undisputed protagonists of the season: … Read more